Home automation gateway

Felix Rusu the creator of Moteino has made a guide how to settup RaspberryPi as a home automation gateway for Moteino.  I have successfully finished this guide so my gateway is now encrypted, authenticated, realtime, RaspberryPi powered home automation gateway. I have a RaspberryPi powered through an ATXRaspi, 2 relay that acts as the  Stereo input control and my 8x8x8 led cube control buttons are connected to the GPIO pins , usb to serial connected to a Oppo bluray disk player, Wavcom GSM modem connected to serial port of the raspberry pi and usb to serial to Moteino which acts as the gateway to my wirelessly controlled house. My RapsberryPi is hard wired to my home router because it is located very close to it and I did want to use wireless.

DSC_0058 Stereo input control DSC_0059

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